HSBC Bank: HSBC Short Sale Programs - Mortgage Short Sale Process Review For Home Owners


A short sale program is the one in which your current mortgaged property with HSBC is sold off on a rate which is less that what you owe to the bank. This program is going to be of great help for all those homeowners who want to keep their credit information report clean to avoid any problems in future. Short sale is meant for all HSBC home owners who are left out with no other option than foreclosure.

With a short sale one can get relief of all the debt and can have a fresh new start. Also, you would not face any problems in getting a credit facility from HSBC or any other lender as you may get with a foreclosure. Short sale is better than a foreclosure because it does not affect the credit report of a person and a foreclosure stays in the report for at least 10 years.

Mortgage Short Sale Process Review for HSBC homeowners:

· You will have to approach HSBC with the help of a financial lawyer and show your interest in short sale of your property.

· For this, you will be writing a letter to the buyer giving the information on your property and the loan on that property. You cannot provide any kind of fake information to get any additional benefit.

· HSBC wants to know what actually is the reason that you are going for short sale program. For this, the bank requires a hardship letter from your side explaining the same and some documents in support of your argument. Generally your bank statements and other income documents are needed to justify your reasons.

· HSBC will now start examining the letter in which the details about the expenses are provided and also the rate which has been proposed for the sale of the property.

· With the help of a broker HSBC will decide the best rate on which the property can be sold out.

· To make sure that everything is on its place, HSBC will take a final look on the agreement which has been made after the sale and the payment.

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