Gold Credit Card of HSBC

The Orchard Bank Gold Master Card®, issued by HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A., is designed for those with an average or a limited credit history who do not wish to secure a credit card account with a deposit, as this is often the case with a secured card.

While the card can help you re-establish credit, it's important to note that cardholders pay fees for the opportunity. In most cases, people who apply for the Orchard Bank Gold Master Card aren't going to be approved for a better credit card without having to make a security deposit, so the fees are a small price to pay for the ability to repair your credit.

Fees include an annual fee and an application fee to open the account. Although the card can help those with a limited credit history, it does have several costly factors that should be considered before applying.

Orchard Bank Gold Master Card will report to each of the major credit bureaus so it's important to make your payments on time every month as this is what will repair your credit over time. You will benefit most from paying your balance off in full each month, as it results in lower fees, however the Orchard Bank Gold card allows you to carry a balance from one month to the next if you should need to.

The interest rate is average for this type of card. There is an annual fee of $79, which is about average for this type of credit card. There is also an application fee of $9. In total, the card holder can expect to pay $88 in the first year.

This card also offers common card holder benefits such as emergency card replacement, lost and stolen card reporting, and no liability for unauthorized transactions.

  • Enjoy the Prestige of a Gold Master Card®
  • Receive Gold Card Privileges and Benefits
  • Reports to All 3 Credit Bureaus Monthly
  • Free Online 24-Hour Account Access and Bill Pay
  • Periodic Credit Limit Increases.

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